French's Fire Red Nuzlocke

You Should Know Who

Date Posted: January 11th, 2016, 5:31 am

Author Notes


Lol, I almost forgot he was in the team. Don't worry, at least you can be carried by them.
@Woodclaw: Ah thank you! Haha yeah it's funny to read through my old pages again. XD
GASP! IS THAT LULU I SEE!? If it is, you are now my friend. Also what is the Mankey's name? And also also, I love how you have the full color scene at the end of each page.
@supersatan25: Yep! It's Lulu. c: And the Mankey's called Rizzo!
Nice reference Cross-overs in nuzlockes are a real treat!
Silly Chipotle, have you forgotten about Jojjo the Beedrill?
? @SilverNinetales: Who is the beedrill you speak of
@SilverNinetales: Never. NEVER! speak of Jojjo to me!

(sob) You will always be remembered Jojjo. RIP
THAT CHARMANDER SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DIES*
Love the reference with the Butterfree Chipo talks about.
Lulu!! I love that reference
i love this art style! and oh no poor rizzo